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no. 11706 of April 23, 2010
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The Question one: It is extremely difficult to understand "John's Revelation", and it contains a lot of symbolic terms and often terrifying expressions as well. Why did John choose such an abstruse style? What was his hidden purpose? As it is often said, is it a prophecy which has predicted present times?

The source:

The positioning of "John's Revelation" in the Bible

The Bible is a historical record of the salvation of human beings. "John's Revelation" forms a part of it, and it is the culmination of the Bible.
Each book was written individually, but editors in later periods coordinated them into an odyssey of one God and human beings, not according to their own preferences, but to a blueprint of the complete Bible.
Not only John but also Peter, Paul, and many others wrote Revelation, but after all only John's was considered to be the official representative of God's word.

The Bible begins with "Genesis". It is one of five writings of Moses, and usually considered to be written by him, but in fact, it was written by Joshua who was his successor. Because Joshua was a former incarnation of Jesus Christ, he was able to describe the creation of the universe and the human race to such an extent.
Then the Bible ends with "John's Revelation". It was undoubtedly written by John, but to be precise, it was "the Revelation of Jesus Christ" which was clearly stated at the beginning of it.
Jesus Christ gave human beings a revelation, in other words, he sent an angel to John who served as a channel to communicate God's message to humanity. So it is correct to call it "Jesus Christ's" instead of "John's".
So, "Genesis" was edited by Joshua in place of Moses, and "John's Revelation" by Jesus instead of John, which means both the beginning and the ending of the Bible were actually written by Jesus himeself. In addition, the content of "Genesis" and "John's Revelation" correspond to each other. It reflects the fact that God is the beginning and the ending of all things.

The framework of "John's Revelation"

"John's Revelation" can be interpreted not just in one way, but at multiple levels. Double and triple analogies lead to a variety of interpretations, and also made it difficult to comprehend. Putting the framework into your perspective makes the interpretation easier. "John's Revelation" consists of three layers of analogy:
The first layer is about John's personal adversity, cleansing, growth, and awakening process. The first half of "Revelation" is about his cleansing and growth.

At the end of the first half, John accomplished the journey and began to live as a manifestation of Christ's consciousness. The latter half said that John as a whole man acquired a limitless access to the akashic record and predicted future events and challenges. As John took a personal path of cleansing toward his perfection, the earth and human beings were also to go through the ordeal of cleansing and growth in the latter part.
Thus, the first part is about God's will toward John and about John's personal experience as the result.

The second layer of analogy concerns the universal principles of human evolution, awakening and awareness expansion, to be more concrete, of how people overcome karma and attain perfection. John's personal awakening is generalized into the law of evolution that each one of mankind experiences through cleansing and growth just like he did.
It suggests that each one equally has an opportunity to reach perfection through pain and trials like John through God's guidance. It can be said that "John's Revelation" is a methodology for discipline and growth, or a guidebook of spiritual evolution for those who seek it.
Especially cleansing and growth were described as karma released from chakras because in a spiritual sense, they take place in seven chakras. That is why 'seven' repeatedly appears in "John's Revelation". This number implies a universal law of life evolution and discipline.

The third layer consists of a pair of prophecies:
In one part, it prophesied the metaphorical and synchronistic meaning of events that happens in personal life and in society in general. In another part it predicted about the events of a particular time and age. It has both sides.
It explains how to read messages from events, how karma appears in your life, and how to free yourself from karma. They are applicable to anyone, from anywhere in any period of time because it is a universal truth. So you can refer to the book about any events in the past or in the present time.
The prophecy about particular events comes as below.

The prophecy in "John's Revelation"

"John's Revelation" is sometimes said to be a prophecy which predicts the future of human beings and the Earth.
If in shorter terms, John actually had forseen events during different periods of time; those of a few decades later, of 200 years, of 300 years , and of 400 years later from his time of writing.
For example, Babylon symbolizes the Roman Empire. Ancient Babylon went far out of grace with God and was overthrown by him. Likewise, it was predicted that those Romans who were out of God's grace and started persecution against Christians, would be dead sooner or later.
Such predictions must have encouraged Christian people in great danger under Roman oppression to be strong and to hold on to their faith.
Another example of metaphor is 666, which stands for 'emperor' who reigned over the Roman Empire. It contradicts the fact that Romans came to terms with Christians, the emperor himself converted to Christianity, and he established it as the state religion.
After the Roman era ended finishing this role and the post John periods dawned. If you interpret "John's Revelation" literally, the prophecy may seem obsolete because of the former Empire's conversion.

However, John's writing had much impact on the Empire. Rome might have followed the destiny written in the book if not warned, but on the contrary the book visibly changed the course of history and thus fulfilled its original purpose.
Thanks to the warning in "John's Revelation", the Roman Empire survived another 200 years before its fall in accordance with God's will, and narrowly escaped such a destiny as Babylon's. The latter was invaded and occupied by the Persian king Kyros while the former experienced an epoch of such immense prosperity despite many faults and accomplished its tasks on Earth. The conversion of the Emperor was the last highlight of the Roman era, which owed greatly to the martyrdom of Peter and Paul, and John's writings.

Some say that "John's Revelation" made prediction about the much later period which is our present. Some even insist that this part corresponds to 1997, and that part to 1998, etc, though there is no apparent year-by-year correspondence between the prophecy and the reality.
John had never meant to consciously predict the future of 2000 years later, but instead, he described the laws of the universe and the evolution of life. You could say that as a result of its universal feature, the description looks as if it were a prophecy of 2000 years later. John read and showed the patterns in them.
It is partly because the laws of the universe are applicable to any time and space, that what was written in "John's Revelation" fits into our modern age even 2000 years since his time.
Also John mentioned in the Gospel as well as in Revelation that 'he must come back and make the prediction again'. Edgar Cayce too implied the reincarnation of John sometime in the twentieth to twenty first century. So, it is possible that now is the time for his prophecy to come true.
Mankind and the earth are at a critical point now. It is certain that Revelation corresponds to this transitional period. It is the time for John to be reincarnated in order to accomplish the prophecy he made 2000 years ago on behalf of Jesus.
Of course it cannot be achieved by John alone. Each of you need to join him in awareness that the all is one, the one is all, to show what one is capable of and play a specific role in one's own field. It takes all mankind.
The beginning of the twenty first century is the time to build a foundation rather than to manifest all the events in Revelation. If the law "the all is one, the one is all" sinks well into people's mind, it will lead you to the direction that God prefers. Will the new holy Jerusalem descend out of the skies upon us as stated in the last chapters?

The synchronistic correlation between personal spiritual growth and the prophecy

Why are the prophecies of outside events relevant to personal spiritual discipline ? Because God's will lets human put their karma out in reality through which he urges them to grow.
Karma usually accumulates in chakras within a body, but once activated it manifests itself as outside events around it. So, the discussion on karma means the prediction of future events at the same time.
It is a simultaneous drama of the inner growth and the discipline of human beings and the physiological reality through which karma manifests itself. This is the composition of not only "John's Revelation" but of the entire Bible.
The inner core-self and persona on the surface, spirituality and physical reality, mental challenges to be overcome and the prediction of outside events. These elements are closely pieced together to create a big picture. John's personal problems are also the problems that all humankind have in common. Indeed, karma is overwhelming: energy shortage, the possibilities of a nuclear war breaking out, food shortages, population expansion, terrorism of religious people, economic crises, education issues. All of them stem from karmic issues. The solution to them comes not as much from policies of the government as from personal discipline and faith.

The real purpose of "John's Revelation"

The significance of "John's Revelation" lies not in its prophetic aspect, but in the declaration of the coming of God's Kingdom. Evil will be judged, karmas will be balanced, and God's plan will be manifested.
The real purpose of "John's Revelation" is to declare the coming of God's Kingdom through cleansing and awakening of each one of you, to assure and support those who are suffering, and to serve as an educational guideline to lead them in the right direction.
It says: those who embrace God are not accepted, even persecuted, and intimidated. Their religious practice is hidden from society. Nevertheless it is certain that justice and truth will prevail in the world and God's Kingdom willl be established on Earth. Therefore, those who are persecuted must not be worried or shaken, or give up their faith, but must remain faithful to God.

"John's Revelation" made the prediction in order to encourage those who are pious and honest at the time.
Although the timing of the arrival of God's Kingdom was not specified, God's Word clearly stated the event itself. The adversity of Christians at the time made John realize that he as the last direct disciple of Christ must write messages to support those who suffered.
When will God's Kingdom come? Was it when the Roman emperor converted to Christianity and the Roman Empire became a christian nation? Or was it the twentieth century when Christian countries occupied one third of the world? Or is it coming soon or much later? No one could possibly answer these questions by reading "John's Revelation". But sooner or later the Kingdom will come at the appointed time, because God ordained it.

One of the characteristics of "John's Revelation" is the degree of its conviction that justice and truth will prevail in the world, and God's Kingdom will come on Earth as an outside reflection of God's grace. It means not some external event will occur and change our planet, but each one of us will be thoroughly examined, transform into a whole person through the steps of cleansing and discipline ordained by God. This inner transformation will enable us to manifest God's Kingdom on Earth.
John himself went though many trials before breaking fresh ground. As he showed us an example of self perfection by renewing his spirit which is the new Heaven and body, the new Earth, each one of us humans should work on our life of discipline to become more whole through cleansing and growth. If the number of renewed people reached the critical mass that 144,000 represents, their narrowly overwhelmingly positive energy would start to have a ripple effect, first around them, then all over the world to create God's Kingdom.

Reasons for the usage of grim expressions

In "John's Revelation", there are lots of grim expressions, not to intimidate the readers, but simply to communicate the discipline of cleansing and love that God was about to give humans. They come in as an image of terror on the subconscious level, or in physical reality.
They are not meant as punishment, nor judgement. Instead, what their meaning is that each one of us will be tested by the love of God out of necessity, and that everyone will face oneself through karma or a series of challenges in life, and will eventually perfect oneself as a human like John did. Every single person will come to experience such ordeals as illustrated in "John's Revelation" when one is ready.

The text causes fear because of the degree of hardship you must undergo during such discipline. In life God creates meaningful events out of love only to let you experience them. That is why more than often life is full of challenges.

The metaphorical language makes the text very hard to understand. Partly because it was common rhetoric in that period. Also because John was deeply versed in the Old Testament.
In other words, John channeled God and translated the message through the expressions that he was most familiar with. That is why the passage is located in its particular historical context.
It is typical Jewish imagery of that time. Harsh reality is translated into Jewish pictorial images. This is only a style of expression and not necessarily applicable word by word to our time .
It is certain that in the course of lives, we will face challenges one after another, and often life is not up to our expectations. That is what horrific expressions stand for. They are the presentation of Mammons in the human subconscious.

Why do 'angels' cause disasters ?

What is important is that the God of love and justice will send you 'angels' to test you. For example, looking at the chapter of Seven Bowls of anger, you will find that they are angels who would spill the water in the bowl to cause disasters, not devils. It is never, ever the other way around, according to the text. Angels are the ones in charge of violent disasters that afflict our life on earth.
Angels do exactly what God orders them to. God himself chooses to initiate disasters. It is for our own good, for each and every one of us, in his eyes. God's love and justice generate whatever is necessary and good for everyone and steels himself against pity and imposes discipline on us.

In reality events are messages to prompt you to make many different changes within. Each one of us attract what is appropriate for us by ourselves through karma. God is involved in this process unjudgmentally with unconditional love.
An outside crisis is a karmic result manifesting itself where each one of us will be tested by God, cleansed, trained and grow into a whole person, which Revelation is all about.
Due to human immaturity and impurity, the cleansing tends to be a rather painful path, and so the text contains lots of disturbing negative expressions reflecting that process. Besides the celestial world is illustrated too.
The connection between the celestial and the terrestrial helps human beings to make progress in their cleansing through God's will. If the total number of people reaches a critical mass, there will be a threshold. Their positive effect will become powerful enough to impact the world, as known as the phenomena called the "Hundredth Monkey" and to accelerate the transformation. As a result God's Kingdom will appear on Earth. The text tells you that this is the law of life cleansing and evolution.

The Question two: According to chapter 21 and 22 at the end of "John's Revelation", each one is supposed to experience Advent, to become a whole new person. What state of being would it be? Also there is a figure of 144,000 people. What does it signify?

The source:

the world represented by 144,000 people

144,000 is 12 times 12 followed by multiple zeros, or 12 times 12 times 1,000. 1,000 is a symbol of perfection or all that is. It represents not the all human beings, but a sufficiently large number of people to induce a ripple effect on the rest.
Currently there are seven billion people on earth, but not all of them have to read and understand "John's Revelation". It seems almost impossible to disseminate it because of inequality in educational standards, in surroundings, and in spiritual backgrounds. Still it is enough to have an impact on all human beings. If the number reaches 144,000, the rest of society will automatically transform into a new state of being.

This age of the first half of the twenty first century is the time when a certain number of people symbolized by 144,000 have appeared to impact the rest of the world. From 2010, it started to accelerate and within a few decades the number of people represented by 144,000 will be ready.
Then by twenty third century, it is highly probable that God's Kingdom will reign all over the world as a result of people's spiritual advancement, and "John's Revelation" prophecy will come true. So now is the time that 144,000 will be likely to awaken and evolve.

The state of being as a whole person or as a new Heaven and a new Earth

Next, what state of being is the human perfection or a new Heaven and a new Earth? The answer lies in chapter 21 and 22 which visually presented the perfectly aligned state of human body and mind.
To set a goal makes it easier for humans to act, to make it happen, and to remain on God's path. Those two chapters are the equivalent of the Pure Land illustrated in a Buddhist sutra called "Three Sutras of Sukhavati or the Pure Land", or "Jodo-sanbu-kyo".
The commitment towards the perfect state of being will guide you automatically. Knowing the ultimate state first is very important in this transformation. That is the reason why John made a visual presentation of the ideal world.

Christ as well as Buddha, and those saints who reached samadhi are in a perfect state of being, at one with God. To know what it is like gives moral support to both ascetics and laities, and help them to clarify their goals. Chapter 21 and 22 of "John's Revelation" reveal the state of spiritual awareness.
See, feel, and be the image of them. Those images will help you and guide you in time, and it lasts until you achieve your goal. These chapters are the seeds planted in trainees, written in the form of beautiful visions to show the perfect state of living things.

"John's Revelation" is a motivator in writing for readers

The arrival of New Jerusalem on Earth from the skies shows that truely pure and divine favor is not something created by human minds. It is absolutely flawless and complete, and is therefore bestowed upon us by celestial beings. It means Advent, and also corresponds to salvation by 'tariki' or Other-Power in Buddhism.
Although "John's Revelation" is said to be a horrific passage readers would rather avoid, it is in fact, the contrary, filled with words of encouragement, hope, ideal, joy, and beauty for each one of those who seek to live on a higher spiritual level.