What is Akashic reading

Akashic reading means to access in a meditative state to the Akashic Record or akasha in Sanskrit, in other words, a cosmic archive which is located on a certain level of the spiritual dimension, and then to read and interpret the content of the books there. The Akashic Record contains the whole history of all beings in the universe throughout all times. A reader who is capable of decoding this will never fail to answer any question that you could think of.

A pioneer Akashic reader is Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) who was an American, and since his reading ability blossomed at the age of 24, worked on reading through the first half of 20th century, until the day he died at 67 leaving us with 14,306 cases of reading. Although not labeled as 'readings', similar rituals have been practiced by psychics since ancient times.

It was Makoto Asano( his clerical name is John Peniel ) who responded to the questions about "John’s Revelation". He went to the USA in 1980's, apprenticed for seven years to Paul Solomon who was the successor to Edgar Cayce, and then started reading by himself from 1992. His readings are known as "The John Peniel Readings" and there are more than 12,000 cases.

In the following case, the questions focus on two themes: John's underlying ideas behind the lines and the interpretation of the last chapter which describes the New Jerusalem.

A reader : John Peniel

Makoto Asano
Director of Asano Research Institute (ARI)
John Peniel is his clerical name.
Born in Hitachi, Ibaraki Prefecture in 1954.
In his mid teenage, he started to study religion, philosophy, and psychology in his search for the universal truth. From 1973, he began researches and daily practices of Buddhism, and from 1983, those of Shintoism as well. In 1986, he went to Virginia in the USA, and he apprenticed for seven years to Paul Solomon who was the successor to Edgar Cayce. From 1992, he started reading by himself. There are more than 12,000 reading cases. He is a holistic advisor,
a philosopher, a religious scholar and a prophet.

About the John Peniel Readings,

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